When a child has a lazy eye, their ability to see out of one of the eyes is significantly reduced. Long or short-sightedness characterises this condition in one eye or a squint. Optometrists usually recommend that the condition should be diagnosed and treated by the time the child is seven, the time when the child's vision development becomes complete. Traditionally, patches are used to cover the good eye and force the weaker eye to 'work harder and focus. However, there is a new and innovative treatment for lazy eyes, the prescription digital eyeglasses.

The LCD digital eyeglasses

The hi-tech eyeglasses are made in a way that one of the 'eyes' contains an LCD screen. The patch is created to mimic the therapeutic impact of eye patches and eye drops. When your child is fitted with the glasses, the good eye will be blocked by the LCD patch. The lazy eye will be left working alone and with time, the eye muscles will strengthen, and the eye will start focusing and sending clear and focus signals to the brain, thus rectifying the condition.

How LCD eyeglasses function

The exciting thing about these snazzy glasses is that they look like a pair of ski eyewear. However, one of the eyes is fitted with an LCD screen, which works just like the regular patch. Vision in the good eye is blocked every 30 seconds, which forces the weaker eye to focus, and the brain to acknowledge the information relayed by the weaker eye. With time, the sight in the weaker eye improves.

Why your kid might love these glasses

These eyeglasses were designed with the kids who refuse to wear patches, and eye drops in mind. Many kids reject eye patches because there is a stigma attached to wearing one. Other kids also complain that these patches lead to a lot of strain on the weak eye, which at times leads to headaches. However, the glasses are so smart that they only block your child's vision for 30 seconds each turn, avoiding any extended strain.

In case your child has a lazy eye, and you are worried that they might develop amblyopia because of their refusal to wear patches or eye drops, you should try these cool glasses. Your child will get better vision and avoid the stigma which comes with wearing eye patches. You will get better cooperation from your child with these glasses, which will reduce treatment duration and improve the results.