When it comes to purchasing eyewear, factors like the design, frame and lens material take centre stage. But did you know that you could reduce your expenses by using your health fund to purchase your eyewear? What do you need to know about this approach?

Health Fund Optical Benefits

Different health funds in Australia offer different types of optical benefits. Some insurers provide a percentage-based rebate, whereas others offer an annual limit per person. Basically, this benefit helps to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses for prescription glasses, contact lenses and sunglasses. It's essential to check your health insurance policy to understand what benefits are available to you.

Eligibility for Health Fund Eyewear

Typically, members with extras cover are eligible for optical benefits. Some health funds, however, do not offer benefits for extras cover, but under hospital cover. It's also important to note that waiting periods exist before you can claim your optical benefit. Your health insurer may have a waiting period from some months up to some years.


When purchasing health fund eyewear, you may be limited to select providers. Many health insurers have established partnerships with select optometrists and eyewear retailers. Hence, you'll need to check your health fund's provider directory to ensure you are selecting an authorised provider.

Coverage Limits

Another factor to consider when purchasing health fund eyewear is the coverage limit. Coverage limits for eyewear may vary depending on your health fund and your level of coverage. For instance, you may be eligible for a rebate on prescription glasses, which may not be enough to cover the total cost of the frames and lenses. You'll need to pay the difference out of pocket. Hence, it's essential to check your coverage limits before purchasing new eyewear.


Apart from the optical benefit, some health funds offer additional extras, such as an option for multifocal, bifocal and anti-reflective lenses. Some insurers may also offer a discount on buying a second pair of glasses. It's worth checking your health fund's product offering to get the most out of your coverage.

Your Takeaway

Using your health fund to buy eyewear is a smart way to reduce the cost of prescription glasses, contact lenses and sunglasses. Knowing what you are entitled to can ensure you get the most out of your cover. With the right information, you can make informed decisions and reduce your out-of-pocket expense on your next eyewear purchase, to get in touch with providers who specialise in this area.

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